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Finch is the #1 API for employment systems. Unlock organization, pay, and benefits data from payroll and HRIS systems with one integration.

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Please exclude SFTP or file-based integrations

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Calculations are based on API integrations. To calculate your ROI for upgrading your SFTP or file-based integrations, reach out to our Sales team.

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  1. Engineering and technical talent is calculated at $125/hour. It’s an estimated 1,560 hours to build a new API integration and 312 hours to maintain existing API integrations. It’s an estimated 20 hours to set up and train each new SFTP integration and 10 hours to maintain existing SFTP integrations.
  2. Support talent is calculated at $80/hour. It’s an estimated 2 hours to support each API customer and an estimated 1 hour to support each SFTP customer.
  3. The cost of Finch for the first year is calculated at $30,000 with an estimated 500 hours to build the Finch integration.

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