What is Finch?

Finch makes it easy to share HRIS and payroll data securely

20,000+ employers connect their data with Finch

Finch creates a connection between your HRIS or payroll system and the third-party applications you love. At no cost to you.

Quick, secure set up process

Keep every system in sync

Eliminate manual data uploads

Reduce administrative errors

Trusted by hundreds of platforms

Finch helps platforms support integrations with your payroll or HRIS system

Equity management

401(k) and Investing

SOC 2 Compliance

Employee Training

How Finch works

In just 3 steps, employers can connect their payroll or HRIS system to other platforms. Finch only provides the data you consent to share.

Always free for employers

Finch never charges employers to connect their data. Instead, when you connect your data through a platform like Carta or Betterment, they pay us a fee.

We protect your data

When you connect your payroll or HRIS system through Finch, we work behind the scenes to protect your data. The following are just a few of our security practices that help keep your company and employee information secure.

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End-to-end data encryption

Finch utilizes best-in-class encryption protocols like TLS 1.2 and AES 256 bit encryption to keep your data safe.

Secure cloud infrastructure

Finch is hosted on industry-leading cloud infrastructure to ensure maximum performance, resilience, and speed of deployment.

Continuous monitoring protects your data

Finch's infrastructure is continuously monitored, and our 24/7 on-call team ensures all alerts are immediately acted on so your data is secure.

Global data and security compliance

Finch is SOC 2 and CCPA compliant. SOC 2 is an independent audit which details information and assurance about Finch’s controls.

We prioritize privacy

We never share employer or employee data with a third party without your explicit consent. We keep the data safe, but you’re always in control of what is shared. We help employers securely manage company and employee data.

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Company Data

  • Legal name
  • EIN
  • Locations
  • Employee directory
  • Employee count
  • Bank account info
  • Payroll contributions

Employee Data

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Home address
  • Employment status
  • Income history
  • Tax information


Why connect my payroll data to another platform?

Payroll systems house data that can be used to power other apps and services, such as data on employee count, employment status, income history, benefits enrollment, and more. Finch will specify what data the platform is requesting so that you can make an informed decision about what data you would like to share.

Why do I need to authenticate using an admin account?

Finch may require specific permissions to access the scope of data being requested from the platform. In order to consent to sharing certain types of data, admin privileges are required.

Will I need to authenticate multiple times?

Depending on the integration, you may need to re-authenticate to keep your connection active. Authentication requirements vary, and are dependent on security protocols and cookie expirations set by each provider. Any integration, via Finch or otherwise, will be subject to similar requirements.

What data will Finch have access to?

Finch prompts employers to review and consent to share any data requested by a platform. Finch discloses data privacy practices before any connection is established, so you know how your data is transferred and stored.

How is my data stored?

Finch utilizes best-in-class encryption protocols and compliance standards to keep your data safe.

Our infrastructure enforces the use of TLS 1.2 to encrypt data in transit, and AES 256 bit encryption for data at rest. Data is backed up across our data stores each day, and all backups are encrypted. We also employ strict data retention policies. We erase data from our system when a connection is deactivated.

We are SOC 2 and CCPA compliant and seek to protect personal data from unauthorized access, use and disclosure with physical, technical, organizational and administrative security measures based on the type of data and how it is being processed. SOC 2 is an independent audit report which details information and assurance about Finch’s controls.

Do you sell my data?

We do not sell identifiable or anonymized employer or employee data.

Why do platforms use Finch?

Without Finch, platforms must ask employers to regularly update company and employee data in their system, usually through manual data uploads. The alternative is to build and maintain hundreds of integrations themselves, which limits their capacity to offer new services. With Finch, they can offer a better user experience, support more integrations, and focus their engineering resources on building additional features and services.

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