Complete visibility into each payroll

Connect to your customers’ payroll data to offer financial insights, administer employee benefits, or power workforce automation in your platform.

Tap into the power of employer-provisioned payroll data

Never ask an employer to upload a payroll file again. Finch helps employers connect their payroll system to your app for daily or weekly syncs.


See company payroll expenses

Read payroll and contractor payments by the company.

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Popular Data Types

Pay Period
Company Debits
Gross and Net Pay
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Pay Statement

Dig into individual pay statements

Request pay statement data for any individual throughout their employment. Get granular with hours worked, earning types, pay frequency, and more.

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Popular Data Types

Pay Frequency
Hours Worked
Pre- and Post-Tax Deductions
Company Contributions
+ more

To update deductions and contributions, check out our Deductions product.

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Use Cases

Unlock the power of HR and payroll integrations

Audits and Reporting

Build reporting dashboards, streamline audits for recordkeepers, and easily furnish data to regulators.

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Underwriting and Decisioning

Actively assess the risk of an employer's workforce for insurance underwriting or assess the tax credits that can be refunded.

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Analytics and Monitoring

Monitor trends across workforces over time, and power insights with data that’s always up to date.

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Connect to hundreds of HR and payroll systems through our unified API.

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Customer Stories

You’ll be in good company

“Customers who take advantage of [Finch] turn into our most successful accounts”

Finch removes friction and streamlines the process of onboarding our customers and setting up new employees down to a matter of seconds. We push Finch early in our customer journey because we know that customers who take advantage of those integrations turn into our most successful accounts.

Taylor Sell

Director of Product


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“We chose Finch since its mission-critical infrastructure is the most reliable”

We need to have a live view into our customers’ headcount data no matter what systems they use so there’s no lapse in compliance. We chose Finch since its mission-critical infrastructure is the most reliable and offers the best coverage for our growing customer base.

Shrav Mehta

Founder & CEO


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“Finch is the best solution in its category.”

Payroll integration shouldn’t be your core competency. Like Stripe for payments and Plaid for bank accounts, Finch is the best solution in its category. It would take you longer and cost you more to reinvent the wheel.

Chris Ellis

Co-Founder, CEO


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“There were no other solutions that could ... facilitate writing payroll deductions automatically”

Frankly, there were no other solutions that could support our vision and facilitate writing payroll deductions automatically. Finch had the technology and functionality that best met our product needs.

Erika Davison-Aviles

Co-Founder & Head of Product


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