Finch Product Updates: November 2022

December 12, 2022
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Learn more about Finch's Product Updates for November 2022. We shared a new partnership, alternative auth protocol, and a host of new supported data points.

This month’s updates include a partnership with exciting implications, an alternative auth protocol, and a host of new supported data points.

HiBob partnership and upgraded integration

New HiBob and Finch partnership also includes an integration facelift

In November, we were thrilled to announce our deeper partnership with HiBob. With that partnership, our HiBob integration has gotten a facelift.

Now, employers who want to connect their HiBob account to a third-party can authenticate directly through Finch Connect to generate a long-lasting API token that queries the HiBob API without the user exiting our front-end modal. Alternatively, employers using SSO will be able to walk through a quick set of instructions that lets them directly generate the API token from within the HiBob dashboard. This will then be shared with Finch, completing the authentication process.

Authenticating via Paylocity API

Employers can now authenticate Paylocity directly via API

The more than 33,000 U.S. employers who use Paylocity to run their payroll and HR functions are the new beneficiaries of an exciting product feature: alternative auth via API token.

In other words, employers looking to link their Paylocity account to another application will have the option to do so directly with API credentials, for an ultra secure and reliable connection.

The new option is presented to employers who select Paylocity as their provider in our front-end modal as an alternative to the default Finch Connect flow. Once they follow the process outlined by Paylocity, employers will receive a set of API keys which can then be securely shared via Finch Connect.

Expanded field support

Finch now supports these fields in Paychex, Justworks and Paytime
  • Employees’ legal names are not always how they refer to themselves, and, in some cases, can even be in conflict with their identity. New support for preferred_name in our Paychex API integration allows applications using Finch to distinguish the two.
  • In other news, our Justworks integration now covers gender, an essential datapoint for workplace equity and compensation strategy use cases, to name a few.
  • Added support for department and employment.location for our assisted Paytime integration.

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